"I used to dread our nightly walks because Harry and Daisy pulled so hard. I used to hold on to trees and street signs when we passed one just to regain my footing. (This is no joke!) The Gentle Leader® worked for us the very first night and we have been happily walking ever since. Daisy, who is a little tornado most of the time, is much calmer when the leader is on, and she really seems to love it. She sits and waits for me to put it on her!"
B. Middletown, Newcastle

"The Gentle Leader is the single best product we have purchased for our two dogs, a German Shepherd and a Jack Russell Terrier. We use to dread taking them for a walk, especially both dogs by the same person until we started using the Gentle Leader Headcollar. The initial reaction was a bit of confusion as the dogs realised they were no longer in control of the person walking them but as soon as they settled down the whole walking experience became much more enjoyable for all. No more pulling, no more dragging behind just a nice walk at the pace determined by the person walking them. Thanks for a great product as we now use it at obedience training as well and a few people having problems controlling their dogs are always asking questions where they can buy this aid."
Regards Francois Bierman Avalon Beach, NSW

"I am a 70 year old lady with a large 4 year old Golden Retriever by the name of Alfred. May I say he is a strong dog with a mind of his own who needs daily walks and so do I. However the walks were not doing me any good at all, in fact they were becoming a nightmare - my back, ribs, arms and knees were suffering even though we had been to Obedience school. When I ached so much, lifting up the cat was almost impossible - that was it!!! In desperation I visited Pets Paradise at Stud Park Shopping Centre with 'Please can you help me', I was shown a video on the Gentle Leader and oh boy could I relate to those people being literally dragged along by their dogs, I had to give it a go but doubted it would really work. WOW!! I just cannot believe it, he's a different dog, he objected for the first 3 to 5 minutes, but now it is a pleasure to go out with my Alf."
Thanks Gentle Leader

"Before we used Gentle Leaders, walking our two dogs was a task we did not look forward to. Since introducing Gentle Leader to our daily walks, it has changed the attitude of both our dogs and us. Prior to Gentle Leader our dogs would excitedly pull for the entire walk, now they calmly walk by our side. We are in control and our daily task is now a daily pleasure."
Brett and Marie Clarke Cranbourne North, VIC

"I am writing to you on behalf of the members of Berwick Obedience Dog Club to thankyou for your sample of Leads, Gentle Leaders, Brochures, Demonstration Tools and Videos. This equipment has been very useful for our instructors to demonstrate to our members who have purchased Gentle Leaders. Our instructors have said that there has been a dramatic improvement in dogs that are using Gentle Leaders. Once again we would like to thankyou and your company for your continuous support."
David Cotton Secretary Berwick Obedience Dog Club, VIC

"Thankyou very much for the video, leads and pen you sent. It was very kind of you. Our Jack Russell is a pleasure to walk with the Gentle Leader, and when visitors come they can now walk through without being mugged by a 12" high, over-excited puppy. My daughter has the same results with her pooch. We call it a doggy handbrake. We have recommended the Gentle Leader to everyone in our Canine Obedience Class, and I lauded its merits to the other members of our Jack Russell Racing group. Hope this boosts Beau Pets for you. But more than anything I appreciate your support and backup service."
Cathie Cherry Lauderdale, TAS

"Rex our Jack Russell used to pull and slip off his collar all the time when we took him for a walk but since we have been using Gentle Leader, Rex walks placidly beside us without struggling or pulling. Which is great because we don't have to chase him anymore."
David Clarendon Narre Warren