Barking... lead pulling... lunging... jumping... These are all common behavior problems experienced by millions of dog owners. To some they are merely an annoyance but, for many families, these behavior problems escalate to the point that the bond between people and their pet is broken. When this happens, many people feel they have no other option than to give up their pet. In fact, statistics clearly show that behavior problems are the number one cause of death (by euthanasia) for dogs in the United States.
A Revolutionary Tool
Millions of horse owners can't be wrong - have you ever seen a choke or prong collar on a horse? A halter is the equestrian's obvious choice to quickly and easily manage the behavior of even the strongest or most unruly horse. Most horse owners would never even entertain the idea of attempting to control a horse with a lariat around the throat. Besides the fact that it cuts off oxygen and endangers airways, it is obviously an ineffective tool in controlling the animal.

The developers of Gentle Leader® used their understanding of the management of horses, cattle and sheep with halters, and adapted that successful tool to dogs. However, due to the basic anatomical differences between equines and canines, a standard style horse halter is not the most effective design for dogs. What was needed was a Headcollar that would uniquely fit and guide a dog's head and body, while at the same time taking advantage of the dog's natural instincts in response to specific pressure points on the head and neck. The result of this scientific study and effort is the Gentle Leader® Headcollar. It differs from other similar products on the market in that it has no cumbersome side straps and it puts primary pressure on the back of the neck, not on the nose or front of the throat.