When First fitted with Gentle Leader some dogs will try to get it off. That's only natural. Puppies react the same way when they are first fitted with a collar. Your dog may shake its head, try to paw off the nose loop, struggle like a young horse that's being controlled for the first time, or resist movement. And lie down. In fact, the more your dog initially resists Gentle Leader, the more he actually needs it!

To help your dog easily and quickly adjust to the feel and control of the Gentle Leader be sure to use 'happy talk', a friendly animated, cheerful voice to encourage and praise your dog. We highly recommend using tasty food treats or an appealing toy to encourage and motivate your pet.

During the first 3 or 4 minutes, we recommend that you immediately encourage your dog to walk at your side ( make sure there is only an inch or two of slack in the lead and that you are holding the lead to the snap). Have your dog sit.

Does your dog know what "sit" means? If not...
Start by target training your dog to your hand. Put a pea-sized treat in a closed hand and put your hand in front of the dog. When your dog touches you hand with her nose, open your hand and let your dog take the treat. Repeat this process until your dog will follow your hand with her head. Now when you bring a closed hand (with a small treat) slowly up over your dog's head, your dog's nose will follow and your dog will sit. Give the treat immediately.

While she is sitting for 15-20 seconds, reward her with a soft praise, petting and a tasty treat. Then encourage her to walk another 3-4 steps and have her sit for 15-20 seconds more, rewarding the dog. Repeat 15-20 times, building on you success at walking 3 or 4 steps and reinforcing your leadership with each sit.

Remember to praise and reward, and your dog will quickly learn that good things happen when he walks and sits without objecting to the headcollar. Reactionary behavior will fade.